Wedding Season!

Wedding season is in full swing, with love in the air the weekend festivities can be a blast!! This time of year can also leave you broke, bloated and brutally hung over! This weeks post is dedicated to different wedding guest styles, remedies and tips on how to keep you the life of the party all weekend long!
The first wedding I’m going to reference is my own! I recently locked down my stud-ly mammoth in march at a stunning resort just outside of Miami. It was three epic days full of food (mostly Italian), partying and love!
For all of you future brides out there learn this early – things will go wrong, people will bail last minute, it may rain or your mom may even cuss you out (sorry Gail – I love you) but none of that matters because you are celebrating the beginning of the rest your life with your best friend.

I’ve been told I was a relatively chill bride – but I did find myself stressing out about meaningless things that were out of my control. My husband continued to remind me to relax and enjoy the day. Once I got over the little drama that did occur I had the best time. There were a few key moments that made our wedding so amazing – the most important thing my husband and I did aside from the actual ceremony was sitting down and eating our meal. I’m the type of girl who gets mean when I’m hungry and I wasn’t about to go all gremlins after midnight on our guests. Since we were functioning on a full stomach we were able to dance and party all night long with our closest friends and family!


When it comes to being prepared for a friends wedding – every girl MUST have the following items on hand – stain remover, bobby pins, double sided tape, Advil/Tylenol, bottles of water or Gatorade waiting for you in the room, band-aid blister prevention, and shoe insoles so you can bust a move pain free ! Remember to try to alternate between cocktails and water – the 1:1 ratio works best! Snacks are CRUCIAL – make sure you have something to munch on when you get back to your room – putting a little extra substance in your stomach will cushion the blow of your potential hangover.

We have been blessed to have been a part of two of our friends special days over the last few weeks- there was the country chic wedding in Nashville where we drank moonshine, ate comfort food, and danced to country music at a beautiful restored barn.


For this wedding I went with a short electric blue dress that I purchased from NastyGal. At $68 this dress is a steal – light, colorful and fun! The wrap silhouette is perfect for my fellow shortie – the shorter front and longer back allows you to show off your legs while covering you ASSets!


The most recent wedding we attended was in the Hampton’s and was a Black Tie affair! We were really channeling the TV show Revenge that weekend! This wedding was beautiful – classy and elegant without being too uptight. The highlight of the night was the pizza food trunk that came late night to help sober up the rowdy wedding group!


For this wedding I went BOLD with red La femme cut out dress that I got at Nordstrom for $298 which is a pretty reasonable price when it come to evening wear.


Some of my favorite websites for shopping on a budget are Bluefly , The Outnet , NastyGal and Nordstrom
These sites offer great fashion that won’t cost you your life savings!

Another great option if you don’t want to buy a dress is to check out Rent The Runway. This website offers a cheaper alternative to buying a new dress – for a discounted rate you can “rent” a designer dress for up to 7 days for a fraction of the actual price. An added bonus of this site is you can also rent jewelry and other accessories to complete your look! If you’re looking for a one stop shop Rent The Runway is the place for you!

I hope you guys find this post helpful! Message us with topic requests!



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