First Post Ever!!!

We are very excited to get SGC up and running! These little women have some big plans for this life style blog – we are in the works of creating our very own e-commerce website where our readers can buy signature looks that we have styled together to help highlight and enhance our petite silhouettes! The Short Girl Couture website will also have healthy recipes, work outs and music playlists that will have you feeling great on the inside and out!

For our very first blog I decided to give you a little insight on me – I am 26 years old, I was born and raised in Boston, Mass and I recently got married to a giant man – He is 6’4 and I’m 5’1. Our height difference is comical to say the least but it has made me realize how much I love being petite! I can wear the highest heels and never worry about being taller than him, I’m pretty sure I could fit in a suitcase if need be and my small stature makes me great at giving hugs.

My husband and I in NYC – I was rocking 5.5 inch heels that night!


I am a recently retired gymnast and now that I’m not training for a world championships or an Olympic Games my main work out motivation is to look good naked!! Wooo!!! I love hot yoga, weight lifting and anything that gives my booty a little extra pop!! In my opinion there is nothing better than a stellar pump up playlist and waking up sore from a hard work out!

As much as I enjoy fitness my biggest passion is fashion! I’m currently enrolled in Parsons online fashion marketing program and loving every minute of it. My dream one day is to design my own line of high heels – but in the mean time I came up with Short Girl Couture!! Our blog will give fashion tips, trend alerts and much more! We aren’t shy so if you have a question or topic request ask away!!!


I hope you enjoyed learning a little more about me – next week you will hear from another one of SGC’s main shorties – Kristina!


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